About Us

If it has feathers, we are all about it! Simply put, we are the Bird Nerds of the animal rescue world. Our rescue focuses on injured or permanently disabled domestic birds: mainly parrots, ducks, geese, doves, and chickens. We provide longterm care and a place to call home for these often-overlooked animals. Many of our parrots come from situations of neglect or abuse, causing them to have both physical and behavioral issues. Home Sweet Home Animal Rescue of Tampa Bay is their special-needs avian sanctuary.

We also work with organizations such as The Grow Group by providing evaluations, On The Job Training (OJT), and internships to young adults with disabilities pursuing a career working with animals. This is a win-win for everyone involved.

We are an animal rescue education facility as well, and take our role as educators very seriously. If you are interested in visiting our rescue for a tour, or having a presenter visit your group with one of our animal ambassadors, please contact us. We cover topics such as “Will to Live,” and thriving despite being disabled. We promote compassion and acceptance for those who may need a helping hand.

Along with our avian residents, we do have a few goats, a tortoise, and a pig grandfathered-in to the rescue. Please note we are not equipped to take in dogs, cats, horses, ponies, donkeys, mules, rabbits, rodents, fish, amphibians, additional reptiles or pigs.

Our Mission Statement

“We believe that all species of animal deserve respect, compassion, humane treatment, and unbiased kindness. It is through education and community awareness that we will strive to promote these cultural values.”

~ Home Sweet Home Animal Rescue of Tampa Bay