Wildlife Resources

Not all wildlife needs to be rescued. It is important to learn or at least ask when intervention is needed. Below are a few local permitted wildlife rehabilitators and veterinary specialists who are able to provide assistance.

For a detailed list of permitted wildlife rehabilitators throughout the state of Florida, please refer to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation website at www.myfwc.com or the Florida Fish and Wildlife Animal Assistance Hotline: 888.404.3922

Hillsborough County
Raptor Center of Tampa Bay: 813.205.1851
A to Z Menagerie: 863.808.6822 specializes in predators and deer
Veterinary Emergency Group: 813.265.4043
BluePearl Veterinary Clinic (Tampa): 813.933.8944 open 24 hours
BluePearl Veterinary Clinic (Brandon): 813.867.3347 open 24 hours

Pinellas County
Birds In Helping Hands: 727.365.4592
Marilyn Waldorf: 727.515.3723 specializes in raccoons
Central Animal Hospital: 727.521.3518
BluePearl Veterinary Clinic (Clearwater): 727.572.0132 open 24 hours

Pasco County
Sky Harbor: 727.389. 6829
Wildlife Haven Rehab: 813.792.8511
Wright Ranch Rescue: 516.270.9328 specializes in raccoons, opossums, and squirrels

Orlando Area
Back To Nature: 407.568.5138
Audubon Center for Birds of Prey: 407.644. 0190

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