Rescued Baby Sandhill Cranes

BabySandhill3 We received a call regarding two Sandhill Crane chicks about three days old. It seems they were spotted with their parents a couple of days ago. Then yesterday both chicks appeared with only one parent early in the morning but later in the day they were by themselves. This is not typical Sandhill Crane parenting behavior at all. Sandhill Crane parents have been known to leave an injured chick behind and usher the healthy one to safety but they do not "park" their young and go off and leave them like deer. This was not the case however, both babies were left unprotected, running under parked cars. One of the chicks has an injured left leg which leaves us to speculate that the parents may have fallen victim to a predator attack. Whatever the reason that these youngsters were left unattended we decided they needed help if they are going to survive. The healthy one was showing aggression towards it's injured sibling so I separated them, then headed to Livingston Animal and Avian Hospital to see Dr. Topor who is a licensed/permitted wildlife veterinarian. She administered treatment to the injured baby, gave both fluids and did an overall assessment on both chicks. They appear to be in good health. This morning we will be transporting them to Lee Fox from Save All Birds for rehabilitation and eventual release back in nature. Lee is a licensed/permitted wildlife rehabilitator that specializes in Sandhills. Please note it is essential and mandated by law that wildlife be cared for by those that are licensed/permitted by the State of Florida. There are many steps in raising and rehabilitating wildlife that must be taken to help ensure a successful release back to the wild therefore I cannot stress enough that the general public does not try and raise/rehabilitate our native wildlife.

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"The strength of our character is measured by the kindness we show to those in need."


Home Sweet Home Animal Rescue of Tampa Bay believes that all species of animals deserve respect and compassion. It is through education and community awareness that we will strive to promote this. ALL species of animals have value and deserve the same humane treatment and unbiased kindness as the next.
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