Arnold the PigThis pot-bellied pig named Arnold was originally bought as a pet. There was only one problem he was part Hampshire pig which is a farm pig. Unfortunately, his previous owners thought he would stay relatively small instead of the 200 or so pounds he is now. He was pulled from his mother at a very young age and raised as a bottle baby. There was another problem at two months old this "amorous" boar (un-neutered male) was showing his affection towards anything and anyone who crossed his path. The decision was made to find him a new home. Two homes later we decided that Arnold could live in our barnyard.

Arnold the Pig

Arnold enjoys a bath.

He is now a neutered male known as a barrow and much calmer. Arnold is a huge hit with our visitors as he bats his baby blue eyes well actually one baby blue and one brown eye as he steals their heart. If that doesn't do it a gentle scratch behind his ear and watch him fall over on the opposite side as he awaits his much desired belly rub.