Bully Program

Home Sweet Home Animal Rescue Bully Program in Tampa Bay

Bullying is a big problem in the United States in this day and age. It is one thing to be teased and kidded in a joking manner between friends and family but bullying someone either physically or emotionally is unacceptable. We at Home Sweet Home Animal Rescue of Tampa Bay (HSHARtampa) take a firm stand against bullying. Our rescue focuses on parrots and barnyard animals many with special needs. They are often overlooked simply because they are not main stream companion pets. We feel that our animals have great therapeutic qualities because they are different. To experience our animals and learn about their many wonderful behaviors is to open one’s self up to a whole new world. HSHARtampa believes in RESPECT. We respect our animals, visitors and each other and we expect the same in return.  Disrespect and inconsiderate behavior will not be tolerated on any level. I would like to share this true story:
Bwende the African Gray Parrot with one letg

Bwende the African Gray Parrot with one leg

I was in my study with Bwende, one of the African Grey parrots. I had some reports that I needed to finish and I had a deadline. Bwende kept talking to me and although I answered him with the obligatory, “Yup. OK, Bwende. Sure.” I really wasn’t listening to him. Bwende kept talking and I kept answering. Finally, he started throwing his food at me to get my attention. It was that very moment that I realized how inconsiderate and disrespectful I was to him. I immediately put down my pen and let him talk while I gave him my full attention.

What did this encounter teach me?  As important as the task I was performing was to me, Bwende’s conversation with me was equally as important to him. This is certainly an animal with value that deserves respect.

Oh by the way, Bwende lost his right leg due to an injury and nobody wanted him simply because they didn’t bother to see his true value.


We welcome anyone that has been bullied to visit our rescue and spend some time with our animals.

We are not a petting zoo but we are an education facility that recognizes the value in those that are different.