About Us

Our rescue focuses on animals that are not mainstream and are therefore often overlooked or forgotten. If it has feathers we are all about it. We provide long term care and a place to call home for parrots, ducks, and chickens. Many of our parrots come from neglected or abusive backgrounds causing both physical and behavioral issues.

Our Barnyard affords a great opportunity for children and adults to learn about farm animals. We have goats, chickens, ducks, rabbits, and a pig named Arnold. All of our animals are rescues and all have a story. Please understand we are NOT a petting zoo, we are an education facility. All animal interactions are based on the animal’s willingness to interact with their human visitors. The Barnyard is their home and as such we respect their rights.

We are passionate about our wildlife. As we claim more and more wildlife habitat for our own we threaten their survival by our mere presence. We respond to numerous rescue and transport calls for injured wildlife and ensure they get the veterinary help and rehabilitation they not only need but also deserve. Education is paramount if we are going to co-exist with our wildlife neighbors in a way that is mutually beneficial.

Our Mission Statement

"We believe that all species of animals deserve respect and compassion. It is through education and community awareness that we will strive to promote this. ALL species of animals have value and deserve the same humane treatment and unbiased kindness as the next."

~ Home Sweet Home Animal Rescue of Tampa Bay